sunday night blues.

every week this strange thing happens:

after all the work is done. clothes are washed and put away. bed is made. adventures have been had. enlightenment is complete. nap time is over. dinner is done. and dessert is too.

that's when it happens.
that's when you start feeling the blues.

those sunday night blues. they leave you shuffling around your house in your slippers and sweats. eating things you don't even like. wallowing around in the bewilderment of boredom.

you've napped so long you aren't even tired, but the minute you pick up a book you're ready to nap some more. for fear of not being able to sleep when it's time to sleep and being a zombie at work the next morning you just avoid books all together. so you browse netfilx. although you've spent a half hour browsing, nothing is worth a half hour of your time. so you turn to more shuffling and more munching.

and as you shuffle and munch and plop your bored self down on your bed you start thinking too much. about all those things that make you so blue. the things you avoid thinking about all busy week long. so you munch some more in hopes to feel a little bit better. and then in the depths of your blues you start to find something within yourself...

a spark. that feeling when you have had enough. when determination is born. you'll show all those people who make you so blue. you'll even show the whole box of oreos and the entire bag of salt & vinegar chips you just consumed. and you get some kind of strange idea...

these ideas aren't the same ideas as normal days. it's sunday night. you're still semi-sleepy. in recoup mode. it's different. you are going to leave your house to climb everest for pete's sake. within the comfort of your own little space, be it a home, a room, or a little card board shack something great will happen. not the great that people think of initally. the great where simplicity and creativity make love and give you a moment of true contentment; a genuine breath of fresh air.

and the funny thing is, when it's all said and done, you start to look back and those sunday night blues are some of the few moments you hang onto long after they're gone. i can't remember what i've done on the majority of holidays past. i can't even remember most of my birthday celebrations. but i promise you with all of my heart that i can remember nearly all of my sunday blues turned sunny.

lets be honest guys, it doesn't get much better than too many solitare games with your favorite deck of coke themed cards on your bedroom floor, more mexi-cokes than you'd like to admit to, and louis armstrong to keep you company... now does it?


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