Midi-chlorians & Musical Prisms

in another universe, far away
there's a thing that makes a world go round.
a thing to which we're bound,
like a soul-feeding, harmonious sound...

surrounding and penetrating,
texture and silence;
mentality enhanced by a deep hypnosis.

light changing speed,
with the hum of a saber.
Transparent reflection in a chosen favor;
nobility in labor...

the master's strength flows
with rhythm and might. 
the pupil prepares for a life changing fight;
a dynamic, eye-opening, new sight!

one is chosen:
polished perfection,
melodious creator through which life flows.

like the speed of light,
a star burns bright
marking the end of a night.

untouchable, soul-melting source,
sensitivity of course;
may you have the force. 


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